Track List

1. Theme of Re:alize (Instrumental)

2. Alicemagic (from Little Busters!)

3. 渚 (from CLANNAD)

4. 灰燼に帰す (from CLANNAD)

5. 勇壮なる闘い (from Little Busters!)

6. 潮鳴り (from CLANNAD)

7. 彼女の本気 (from CLANNAD)

8. 遙か彼方 (from Little Busters!)

9. Farewell song (from AIR)

10. おまけトラック1 えきぞちっく・といぼっくす (from Little Busters!) Arranged by ISAMI

11. おまけトラック2 てんとう虫 (from AIR) Arranged by YAMATO

All original musics and lyrics except Tr.1 by "Key Sound Lable"